As I read the words on the screen, tears began to stream from my eyes. These tears stem from the story of a World Racer who last night decided her journey is over, her path has been made clear, and she’s leaving the field. A kid, an 18 year old kid endeavoring to step out in faith, to reach people and change the world  by starting a sports ministry program here in the states. A kid with more vision, more drive, more determination than anyone I’ve never met. Never met…yet here I sit, with tears streaming down my face.

The life of a World Race blog reader… These racers pour their hearts out, bare their souls, and trust us with their innermost thoughts. They put their wishes, visions, dreams, nightmares and desires into words. They depend on God, they lean on him, and they share with us. We read, we laugh, we cry, we pray in the dark of night. We see the grass blow in the wind, and are carried to a rice field in Thailand, we hear a baby cry in the grocery store and suddenly we’re transported to a village in Malawi, the smell of coffee takes us to a village in Guatemala.  These words penetrate our souls, shift our perspective, and challenge us to do more, to be more. They urge us to care, to slow down, to move more quickly, to lean in and to venture out.IMG_blog3

As I read I’m encouraged. My heart breaks for some, but the joy comes in the morning. Through their struggles, through their tears – I find myself laughing as they laugh, crying as they cry, and dreaming big dreams with them and for them.  Reading carries me away, makes my heart full – and at times leaves me empty, wishing I could do something more, be something more.  But for now, I am a blog reader, something simple yet grand; like a gentle breeze urging the sailboat forward with my prayers, a glimmer of sunshine through my words on their screen, encouraging these racers forward to another single step. As racer parents, we are blog readers…never underestimate that power. Because simple words on a screen can make all the difference in the world.

Author: Diane Leonard

Seeking to find the joy in the little things everyday and not take life too seriously. A mother of 3 who has learned about soccer, musical theatre, international ministry and a host of other great things through my kids. As a plumber's wife I've learned to field random plumbing questions in a variety of public settings which make me thankful I didn't marry a proctologist... Living life in Hershey with my family, my garden, and my pets, not necessarily in that order. Still dabbling in Nursing Home Administration, volunteering in several capacities, and trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Thanks for taking a moment to share a step in my journey...

3 thoughts on “Teardrops”

  1. This is the best description of the transformation of blog reading ever!! It changed my life and so many more. One of the most used resources that God has as a tool for those here at home.


  2. This was very profound and very beautiful and very much a blessing to all who reads! I too read a few racer blogs and they never leave me without blessing, and hope for the future.
    Beneita Flemmer mom to Rachel Team Eliora Squad M


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